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Charly Boy Writes A Sacastic Letter To God – “Dear God”

“Dear God,

 I had to muster a ‘lotta’ courage to write you this letter, please don’t get pissed with me, because there is no way on Earth that I can stand your vex, as one of your authentic sons. First of all, I ‘wanna’ thank you for all thou have given me, beautiful children, a beautiful and soulful wife, a family filled with love, Mum and Dad, nice motor bikes, belief in Self.

But most importantly that gift, the ability to shift gears when the context calls for it and being able to generate and evaluate several different options in order to respond effectively to any situation, adjusting to any condition that I face instead of struggling with the way things are. Thank you God for all your mercies, but shey you also know that I have worked hard for all that I have today, with the talent you blessed me with. In short BABA, you built me for the Nigerian roads, no shaking, who born dem.

There are so many things that confuse me about you which brings me to the real reason why I’m writing to you. But I guess you already saw this coming, no be you, Alfa and omega.

(1). When I hear some people say that Christianity is the only true religion approved by you, I get a bit confused. What happens to the rest of the people who do not belong to that religion?  Will you send them to hell?  Why should they suffer if they were raised in an area which did not expose them to the “one true religion”?  For example, there are about 1.2 billion Catholics.  What happens to the 5.6 billion people who are not Catholic?  What happened to the people who died prior to the organized religion or the concept of YOU, default to eternal damnation? Why is it acceptable to join a religion that was created by a single man?  For example, King Henry created the Church of England.  How do we know if YOU sent them or if it meets your approval, this religion?  How do we know that any religion is approved by your person? Too much confusion, waliiitaliii.  Why is it acceptable for religions to evolve?  Various religions have changed over time due to cultural pressures – how do we know these changes are “authorized” by YOU.

(2). God, you are supposed to be perfect I don’t get it how you ended up creating imperfect humans, and we are told that we are all created in YOUR image and likeness. For me I’m sorry Baba, I don’t get it. How can a whole YOU create imperfect things, by the way why don’t YOU just destroy Satan, once and for all?  Why is Satan allowed to tempt us anyhowly? Is it fair? Why would YOU even allow the creation of Hell? As CharlyBoy what I put out interms of my image tallies with the persona of Charlyboy because I have a kickass attitude. When I see some human beings, I definitely know that there is no way they can be YOUR creation, say who die?  For a lot of Christians, the Bible is the “truth” and the “law” – then is it not strange that humans are accepting laws written by men, and that there are many different versions seen from different perspectives? GOD please which one is correct? We have old and New Testament, and one too many versions, because human beings are imperfect their stories may as well be imperfect.

(3). Why does a perfect BABA like YOU who is all powerful and has all knowledge – require us to praise YOU by going to Church.  Should it not be sufficient for us to thank/praise YOU in our own way?  Why do YOU require praise at all?  Why do only humans need to praise Him, while other species are off the hook? I am just asking questions, or I shouldn’t be asking questions? Will YOU punish me for asking questions? But you are fair and just. Abi?

Why is there often contempt for those who question religion?  If humans were given the gift of intelligence and the freedom of choice, why should they be punished for using it?  Why is there continuous conflict between different religions, and between those who believe, and those who don’t?  How can anyone know if they are correct? Why is the universe, Earth, and life so imperfect?  Why would YOU create a world where there is so much… wrong, so much Beef, so much Gobee. I just tire for this matter.

And while we’re at it, I’m just really concerned about the myriad religions that say that believing anything other than them will result in going to hell. I mean, Christians say that Muslims will go to hell, and Muslims say Christians will go to hell. Can you help me out here? I haven’t even gotten into Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Daoism, Taoism, ancient Greek gods, ancient Roman gods… what would you recommend someone do BaBa God.

Abegi, help me with answers before I kolo just thinking about thequestions. My dada don scatter here, oh I forget say I no get dada again but my internal dada dey intact. Mark you, “God works in mysterious ways are not acceptable answers for me ooo” So, park well.
Isn’t this sarcastic? God is an unquestionable God. NB: You can ask God questions, But you can’t question His actions… Share your thoughts on this post. Thanks!



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